Frequently asked questions


What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

A psychic may not be a medium, but all mediums are absolutely psychic. A psychic reading is "reading" or receiving of information from your energy field and spirit guides to help you navigate what is going on in your current life and the foreseeable future. A mediumship reading is the reader (April) being a conduit to and for your loved ones who have transitioned/ died and is sharing messages with those still living. Your ones can relay messages to help you navigate life's challenges and/or share experiences to show you that they are still around by demonstrating things that have happened since they have passed. *** Sometimes a psychic reading can appear to have a connection to your dead loved ones, yet in truth, the psychic is picking up on your own energy connection to your now gone loved one rather than the message coming directly from them. April will always start the reading as both the psychic and medium to hold space for Spirit and what is need at the present moment in time.

What reading is right for me?

April's readings will include both psychic messages and mediumship messages. The only difference in readings is the length of time. Should you wish to explore your past life experiences, a Past Life Reflection would be ideal for you.

What if I want to do a reading with someone else?

No worries! Easy breezy. April works with dynamic duos in all types of different relationships. Please reach out and contact April before scheduling as prices vary depending on the number of participants attending the reading.

What is my future? Who will I marry? Will I get the job?

Please schedule a private reading with April so that she can hold space with and for your divine team so that we can explore these questions and align with some answers.

Do readings start right on time?

April works with Spirit and often has one foot on this side and one foot on the other side. There is no such thing as timing with Spirit. There are times that certain readings may go over the scheduled time and this may push daily readings back a bit. April does her best to stay on time. Please give her a few extra minutes if she is not on the other end of your Zoom just yet.

When is April's next available appointment?

When you schedule your reading on the Readings page of this website, you will then have access to April's calendar. Her first available will be present and you will have the ability to schedule then. If there is no availability for a particular date/ time as soon as you need, please remember that the only timing in which Spirit works is Divine Timing. Please schedule what is available as readings become booked quickly. April has recently opened up a few later weekday and Saturday morning appointments.

Third-Party Events

April is often invited to speak and teach at conferences around the world. While we include this information on website, we are not responsible for event details or payment structure. All questions need to be asked of the event host.

How are readings done?

April offers all readings via Zoom, Phone, In-person. Most readings at this time are offered vis Zoom and are recorded for free at this time. Phone readings and in-person readings are not recorded, but can be recorded by the attendee. A zoom link will be included in your confirmation email. To obtain a copy of your zoom link prior to your reading, please log back into your account on and you will be able to obtain the zoom link, reschedule your reading, and connect to others on the website.

What if I lose my Zoom link before my reading?

A zoom link will be included in your confirmation email. To obtain a copy of your zoom link prior to your reading, please log back into your account on and you will be able to obtain the zoom link, reschedule your reading, and connect to others on the website.

Where do I get a copy of of my recorded reading?

Once Zoom finalizes the recordings, April will receive an email and will then email you the link. Please download the recorded reading as the Zoom link will expire within (3) calendar days from the date of the reading. April cannot keep or store recorded readings.

How long has April been offering readings professionally?

April has been intuitively working with individuals, families, and groups since 2009. April has read thousands of individuals worldwide.

What gifts does April have?

April uses all of the "clairs" in her readings. April believes that each of us have gifts and they are to be used for ourself first. Clairvoyant- clear seeing. Thought, ideas, visuals. Clairsentient- clear feeling. Feeling emotions, energy, vibrations of. Claircognizant- Clear knowing. Gut sense. A knowing. Clairaudient- Clear hearing. Words, sounds... hearing with your sixth sense. Clairgustant- Clear tasting. April uses this when working missing persons cases. Clairalient- Clear smelling. Spirit uses this when working through April in mediumship- cologns, foods, the smell of grass... April is also an Empath and receives messages from Spirit through absorbing emotions/ messages from other living beings. People, places, and things... everything is energy. Empathy can lead to understanding more clearly about the world around us as it opens us to the world within us.

What information does April need before a reading?

Spirit is the working power here. April is the conduit. Your Source knows you. April does not need to have any information up front and would prefer that details please be held until after the reading is over.